Day 39 - Date Night

Day 39 – Date Night

I didn’t eat dates much growing up.  We had some in the house, but my brother told me it was poop.  It was Texas and it was hot and they were a little melty and, well, it’s not that I believed him – that’s not something my mom would ever keep in her pantry.  12 bottles of Ranch dressing, yes, but poop – no.  But the suggestion was strong enough for me to keep my distance.

But, no more.  In Raw…

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Day 38 - Peachgasm

Day 38 – Peachgasm

Dear RawHouse Forum,

I never thought it would happen to me…

So, I’ve been trying to make, discover or invent salads I’d like, and this was like… it was like… almost too much.  And I’ve never done something like this.  I never thought fruit salad could be like this.

I went to the farmers market & got peaches.

I sliced them, and put them in a tupperware thing.

Then, I just kept adding stuff—

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 5.03.42 PM


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Day 37 - Ginger Roll

Day 37 – Ginger Roll

Do you know that I’m adopted?  And that my original name is Ginger?  Well, I am and it is.  I found out in my 20′s when I sent off to the adoption agency for a file about my birth.  Ginger.  Social workers named me Ginger.  My mom didn’t even know until I found out.

Baby Ginger

Baby Ginger

There’s also another kind of ginger & it has A LOT of great benefits.  When I was in India, people were feeling…

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Day 36 - Breakfast to go

Day 36 – Breakfast to go

I love raw oatmeal.

& I’ve been looking for some quick breakfasts to go.  I like to eat and run.  I’m ‘merican!

So, here’s one something I like to do.  

Night before – get out a mason jar.  Then, in this order:

1/2 c or so of fruit in the bottom

1/2 T or so of chia seeds

1/3 c or so oats

another 1/2 T or so of chia seeds

another 1/2 c or so of fruit in the top

pour in almond milk up to the top of…

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Headlining Flappers

I’m headlining Flappers Main Room Thursday July 17 at 8 PM.  Would love to see you there!  

Headlining Flappers

I’m headlining Flappers Main Room Thursday July 17 at 8 PM.  Would love to see you there!  

The Oprah Chronicles

Stand up about my very special time with The Oprah.


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Day 35 - Confession

Day 35 – Confession

Who am I and what’s happening to me?

I’ve never been this person.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 5.04.18 PM


I could lose 178 pounds and become a World Class surfer and still, THIS would be the biggest transformation.


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Day 34 - Donut Holes…in homemade raw chocolate? God bless America!

Day 34 – Donut Holes…in homemade raw chocolate? God bless America!

Yeah, you heard me.  I can call this stuff whatever I want.  You make raw chocolatey stuff, then roll it into balls, and you, my friend, just made RAW DONUT HOLES.

Plus, it’s validated by Young & Raw.

& they might explain the base for ‘raw energy balls’ better than I did.

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 11.35.48 AM

You can even smush them down into brownies…

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.33.35 AM

Base for Donut Holes:

  • 12 Pitted Medjool Dates
  • 1/2 Cup Cashews
  • 1 Cup Coconut…

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Day 33 - Tommy Cuc. Salad

Day 33 – Tommy Cuc. Salad

I don’t know what to call things.  But I know that years ago, when my friend the vegetarian said, “I like to make a salad of cucumber, onion and tomato.”  And I thought, “Why?”

And I’ve looked at “salad recipes” like “That seems like a lot of trouble.”

And I’ve just never been into a special kind of salad.  I’ve just made salad like, you know, put some lettuce in a bowl, and put some stuff on it.

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